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PraiseMoves Kids TV Show educates and informs youth ages 4 to 12 about fitness, nutrition and morals through physical movement, Bible verses, humor, upbeat music and songs.





Game: Olympics In the House!

Players: You can play this by yourself or with friends

You will Need:

Pillows, Couch, Cans, Stairs.

How To Play:

Have your own Olympics games with things around your own house!


Couch Flipping.

See how many flips you can do from pillow to pillow without getting dizzy!


Hand and Knees Crawl.

Set up a finish line at the other end of the room with pillows or tape and see how fast you can crawl to it.


Walk Like a Crab.

Set up a finish line at the other end of the room with pillows or tape. Get on your hands and feet like a crab (with your stomach facing the ceiling) and see how long it takes you to crawl to the finish line.


The Long Jump.

Stand on the first stair up from the ground. Jump. Try it from two steps up, then three. Keep going until you just don't think you can get any higher.



World-Class Can Lifting


Pick the largest cans in your pantry and use them as dumbbells. See how many times you can do curls with them. Try it in a row on the same arm or alternate back and forth between the two.



Game: Hurry up the Stairs

What You Need: Stairs, Stopwatch and a good set of running shoes.

How To Play: First, find a set of stairs in your house. Then, run all the way up them once, timing yourself to see how long it takes. Then try to beat your time. If you have other players, try to beat their times!

Game: Steps

Players: Alone or with as many friends as you like

How To Play: While walking down the street, see how many steps you can take in one sidewalk square (little steps). On the next square see how few steps you can take (big steps). If you are playing with friends, try to beat each other's scores. If you are playing alone, try and beat yourself!

Game: Captain Midnight

Players: 4 or more

How To Play: Choose someone to be Captain Midnight. Everyone else then yells, "Captain Midnight, what time is it?" The Captain responds by yelling any number from one to twelve.


Each player then walks that many steps toward the Captain. If they can touch him, then they are the new Captain. However, keep your ears open because at anytime the Captain can shout out "Midnight," which means you have to run away from the Captain. If the Captain catches you, you become his assistant, helping him to catch other players.


By yourself or with friends.

What You Need: A blown-up balloon

How To Play: The object of the game is to hit the balloon and not to let it touch the ground. Each round you can choose a different body part as the part you use to bounce the balloon.


For example, bounce it with your nose, bounce it with your foot or bounce it with your belly. If you are playing alone, see how many times in a row you can hit the balloon before it touches the ground.


If you are playing with a group, no one person can bounce it two times in a row.




Game: Refrigerator Tag

Players: 3 or more

What You Need:

4 Bases

How To Play: The first step in the game is to name your bases–Like it, Love it, Hate it or Never tried it. Make sure that all of the players know which base is which.


Next, pick one of the players to be "It." "It " calls out the name of a food. The players then run to the base that best describes how they feel about that food.


If "It" tags a player on the way to a base, that player is now "It."

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